Any time you need to dress to impress, Corporate Luncheons are an excellent opportunity. Make it a time for you to shine, not only in presentation of product, training and conversation but also by providing a variety of options for high-end Executive meetings, Company-wide meetings and events, Employee Training, Promotional events for clients.

Corporate Catering does not have to be cardboard, cookie cutter and from the same boring places. Besides, meetings and events are a time to exhibit your attention to the desires of each of your participants and additionally make your Company stand out as a leader in the industry.

Trusting the Primo’s Professionals to provide tremendous benefit and value with the convenience of Corporate Catering, you will receive exceptional results every time. Regardless the menu: American, Asian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Latin, Italian, Bar B Que, Sandwiches, Wraps, Salads, Soups, Dinner or Desserts… Primo’s Gourmet Catering Chefs specialize and design unique menus to meet the tastes of Executives, Clients and Employees alike.

Our Corporate catering offers both current and exciting tastes for all kinds of clients and employees. Everyone is sure to love the professionalism of the food and the care that goes into the flavorful presentation and tasty choices.

Primo’s staff of Professionals are prepared to design specific menus that meet each requirement with appropriate ingredients to meet needs of dietary and taste specifications. We accommodate orders with event-friendly timing and preferential desires for client requests. Whether there are dietary, ethnic, or religious, meeting the desires of each ensures all participants are able to participate from Vegetarian, Vegan, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Fat-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Egg-Free, Paraben-Free, TransFat-Free and ensure all allergen and ethnic or religious guidelines are met. Everyone will have the most enjoyable experience with Primo’s Gourmet Catering.

We are here to help make your Corporate Luncheons memorable for all and customize and prepare each order to fulfill the exact needs for all orders hot or cold, same day, next day or planning ahead. (Don’t forget to include floral arrangements, table clothes, decorative design layouts, we help with that too!)

Primo’s Corporate Luncheon Planning Team will help you design a unique and theme specific Corporate Luncheon for your Clients, Executives and Employees. We meet orders timely and efficient, and always exceed delivery and service expectations.

You’re sure to impress with Primo’s Gourmet Catering at your service. Let us help you plan your next Executive meeting, Company-wide meeting or Training, Celebration or Holiday Event, Promotional events or Client Meetings.

Contact our Team at 407-857-3970, or submit an event form expressing your desires and we will respond promptly.

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