Policies & Fees

Cancellation Policy:  All orders cancelled within 3 hours of the original delivery time will be charged in full.

All cancelled OTS orders will be charged in full.

All Items that have been shopped for cannot be cancelled.

*Some orders, depending on the preparation involved or due to the delivery location, may not be cancelled and will be charged at the caterer’s discretion.  Often times, orders come in during the evening for the following day.  We do our best to shop these items early and begin the prep work for the menu.  In the event that your plans change, and we know this happens,  we will need to charge accordingly for any work that was completed or in process for your order.

Liquor Handling Fee:  All catering orders involving the purchase of liquor, wine or beer will require a customer’s credit card for purchase.  An applicable handling fee will apply. A copy of the receipt will be provided to you with your invoice.

Shopping Fees:  Shopping fees can range from $12 to $45, depending on the number of stops that are required to pick up specialty items.

Restaurant Pick-up Fees:  A 50% service fee will be added to the cost of restaurant invoice total.   Primo’s Gourmet Catering will repackage “take out” food into aviation compatible packaging and label accordingly.

OTS Orders:  Orders that are placed the same day of catering are considered on the spot (OTS).  We will always do our best to accommodate OTS orders, but if manpower needs to be reassigned from existing orders to OTS orders, there may be an additional fee.